Friday, October 28, 2011

November Workshops & Events

Dia de los Muertos
On this day, all voodoo kits and Voodoo/Santeria books, and Day of the Dead gifts will be 10% off !!
November 2nd

Pagan Discussion Night (MPRC) FREE
Pagans, Conflict, and the Warrior Path
What is the Warrior Path? What is the difference between a Warrior and a Soldier? Are Warriors still relevant in modern society? What is the Pagan perspective on War? Dealing with Witch Wars. Ethics and Dark Magic. Balancing Respect for Life and Defending Yourself.
Thursday, November 3rd 6:30-8:30pm FREE

Major Arcana Part Two (Catharine)
Saturday November 5th 1 to 3:30pm $40

Id al-Adha: Festival of Sacrifice (Muslim) - offering of meat to the poor, making a sacrifice for the gods
Kathina: (Theravada Buddhist) – monks & nuns get new robes
November 6th

Discover Your Animal Totems Part 3 (Catharine)
Animal totems are medicines. The animals that cross our paths literally or in dreams have a deep meaning in our lives and can be used for healing and guidance. Come discover yours and how to connect to and benefit from them
Thursday November 10th 7 to 9pm $40

Remembrance Day
At 11h00am, please take a few minutes of silence to remember those who gave their lives for us in times of war.
November 11th

Minor Arcana - Cups and Pentacles (Catharine)
Saturday November 12th 1 to 3:30pm $40

Tarot Interpretation Part One (Catharine)
Tarot interpretation is a new class I am offering to help you read your tarot better. How do we know what cards mean when they are side by side? How do we reconcile meanings when they are seemingly contradictory? We will focus on the Major Arcana in combination. Come on out, see and practice!
Saturday November 19th 1 to 3:30pm $40

Universal Children’s Day
Children’s & Teen books are all 10% off today!
November 20th

US Thanks Giving
November 24th

Past Lives Exploration (Catharine)
How do past lives really work? Do they exist? If so how can I identify mine and why they have an effect on my life?
These are the questions we will explore in this workshop. We will also do guided meditations to help you remember your past lives (not all! but perhaps one).
Week 1 Introduction to Past Lives Theory
Week 2 Guided meditation to remember a past life
Week 3 How we use this information in daily life to heal
Thursdays, November 24th to December 8th, 7-9pm
$40 per class or $100 for series (deal available if registered officially before or on the start date).

Tarot Interpretation Part Two (Catharine)
Tarot interpretation part two will allow you to practice more combinations and more spreads to see how we assess the meanings. We will include both Major and Minor arcana in the analysis.
Saturday November 26th 1 to 3:30 pm $40

Annually the 1st weekend of December
December 3rd & 4th, 10am - 5pm both days
Store specials, free workshops & discussions, local artisans.
Sunday morning brunch with the MPRC.
Sunday evening Yule Ritual.
More info to come later in November...

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