Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alternative Healing at Melange: Reiki with Monika

Here at Melange we have three Alternative healers who come in every week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tomorrow we have Monika in doing Reiki, a type of energy healing. Here is some information about what Reiki is and who Monika is. And of course you can always come in and experience it first hand!

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of energy healing invented in Japan in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki means "Life Force Energy" and that is the basic concept behind what Reiki is. Dr. Usui felt he had developed a method that tapped into the original energy that created life. As such Reiki is fundamentally positive and cannot be harmful. A Reiki practitioner channels this Life Force Energy into the patient, converting any negative energies in the body into the positive life force energies they are supposed to be. Reiki has been passed down from master to student since the beginning and all Reiki students have to go through several levels of initiation to attune themselves to the Reiki energy and learn how to use it to heal others. Reiki is a powerful and relaxing healing process that works at the spiritual level to help balance the whole being.

Monika Marczuk: Our Reiki Healer at Melange.
(CRA, ECE, Reiki Certified). Monika is a certified Reiki practitioner, accredited and a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.She has been interested in energy work for over eleven years specializing in Reiki since 2007, also experienced with different modalities of energy work.

Monika founded Balanced Steps to incorporate her experience with energy healing and art to help people reach their true potential. Monika believes that the key to a healthy body, mind and spirit is the healing of the soul. She works cooperatively with traditional medicine to enhance and promote a healthier individual. Energy worker, teacher and artist, Monika has a deep understanding that each person is an unique individual and uses various techniques to meet your specific needs.

Monika does Reiki healing at Melange on Mondays from 11am to 5pm.
Call Melange at 514-938-1458 to make an appointment.

Note: Melange Magique does NOT recommend that you use Alternative Healing instead of seeing your doctor or health professional. Instead we maintain that Alternative Healing should best be used in conjunction with regular allopathic medicine.

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