Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Basics

The Magical Blend/Le melange Magique is going back to some older more traditional recipes for its products. You will see the most notable difference right now in the vinegars (Seven Spirits & Four Thieves).

Vinegars are used to strike to the heart of a matter, cut through the sludge of interferences, and stamp a mark in the energy not to be ignored.

The Seven Spirits vinegar is a white vinegar steeped for a month in the Seven Holy African herbs. It is lighter in color and relatively clear with some sediment. Use this to cut through problems and achieve your goals. Wash away negative energies and entities from your home and business.

The Four Thieves vinegar
is a red vinegar steeped in herbs and resins for a month. It tends to be cloudier and more earthy with considerably more sediment. This vinegar is used to protect from thieves, the evil eye and people with ill intentions toward you, your home, or your business.

Other items that are "getting back to basics" are the inks. Inks are prepared by color associated with their many purposes. Starting December, our inks will be not just color associated, but contain trace amounts of herb and charged stone energies for their varied purposes. The individual bottles will each have a tiny stone inside to not just lend to the energy of the purpose but to help you mix the ink as you shake the bottle. All inks should be shaken before use as pigments tend to separate from the liquid medium. There will be more about the inks preparations and their uses next month!

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