Monday, October 03, 2011

About the Moonflower

This is courtesy of some clients who have shared their knowledge with us... and thus with you. Thank you Maureen.

Moonflowers have the same magical properties as morning glories. They are very close relatives in the ipomoea family. Use morning glories on Sundays and moonflower on Mondays. They both growing up trellises and are beautiful! Both are bindweeds so of course they are very good for binding spells as well. As it blooms at night, the moonflower has a bit more romance to it but both are believed to bring joy wherever they grow.

Their roots, when dried, can be substituted for High John the Conqueror, which is another close relative in the ipomoea family. They will be smaller than average High John roots unless you can get your hands on ones grown in the south of the U.S. or in Mexico where the plants are huge, but bigger is not necessarily better.

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