Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

Okay, it isn't, but if it were the Zombie Apocalypse Preparation workshop being held by Scarlet on the 13th and 20th would be just what you need. A lot of movies recently seem to have forgotten that zombies are traditionally a magickal phenomenon. This workshop teaches you how to protect yourself magically against zombies, prevent the zombification of a loved one and reduce self-zombification caused by lack of sleep, stress and a general lack of energy.

To help you out as well  we have two zombie kits, one to protect against zombies and one to protect against self-zombification. Our Zombie Protection and Banishing Kit is created to protect you from any black magic sent against you to turn you into a zombie or to banish a zombie coming after you. It includes a red dragon's blood candle traditionally used for exorcisms and empowerment to burn in your home if you need to banish a zombie or a zombification spell, protection oil to anoint yourself and your home to protect against zombies and any other negative energies and malicious intents, sea salt to put on your threshold as a spiritual barrier against zombies, demons and spirits, a specialty zombie banishing sprinkling powder to place on your walkway or throw at any oncoming zombies and a traditional Hoodoo/Voodoo XXX marker to place over your door or under your mat to thwart evil. Our Zombie Healing Kit is made to help you recover from days when you feel particularly zombie-like. It includes a cleansing bath salt to help rid your aura of the zombie energy slowing you down, peppermint essential oil to awaken your senses, vitali-tea tea blend to give you the energy and oomph you need to wake up your undead body, a charged clear quartz to energize and purify your aura and an XXX marker to ward off any evil that might come towards you in your weakened state.

So whether you want to stock up in preparation for an imminent zombie apocalypse or to help yourself feel human again on those days you just get out of bed moaning for brains we can help! Be the only person on your block truly prepared fort the most likely zombie apocalypse: an army of magical undead, or a cold rainy day that turns everyone's brains to mush!

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