Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week of the Warrior

May 15th through the 21st in known in North America as Police Week.

During Police Week, various cities hold events to honor members of their Protective Forces, those gone by and those still with them. Activities for awareness of their roles and for safety are also held.

We too honor our warrior, both magical and mundane for all that they have done for us and continue to do. We call our warriors - WARDERS. They protect our events and activities, our public ritual and our festivals. They step in to assist in many protective ways. Their path is not always an easy one and they have rarely been recognized for their efforts.

In honor of the Warrior's Path and all our community warders and protectors and warriors, Offer some thanks.

Here in our store, we are hosting a workshop and feature many books and products.

Introduction to the Warrior’s Path (Scarlet)
There are warriors in every culture, a class of fighters and guardians to stand against the dark. Every religion has its gods and heroes from myth and legend to mundane reality. Archangel Michael, Thor, Morrigan, Hercules, Cuhulain, Wolf, Diana, Templars, Samurai, Jedi, Soldiers, Officers of the Law, Wiccan Warders... you. What is the Warrior Path in Paganism And who walks it and why? What do you need to know to walk this path?
Thursday May 19th 7-9pm $40

Featured Books & Items include:
For your further information about the warriors of our nations, you might want to look into Officers of Avalon:

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