Thursday, May 05, 2011

New books in stock! Such as..

Solitary Seance Written by Raymond Buckland this book provides you with tips and techniques on how to become a medium and to conduct your own seances and communicate with the spirit world. As well as speaking about the nature of death Buckland covers the history of seance, the different protection/shielding techniques in order to safely perform a seance, and others such as automatic writing, pendulums, spirit photography, and more!

Wheels of Life Written by Anodea Judith this book aids in the transformation of your life and energies through changing and exercising your entire Chakra system.

Also available: new edition of The Qur'an, book and deck (sold separately) of the Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior, and the Mystic Art of Ninja.

Back in stock, our homemade incense sticks! And just in time for Mothers Day! Along with teas, bath salts, candles, and our brand new limited time only Bless My Mother perfume oil, incense sticks would be the perfect companion to pamper your mother!

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