Monday, May 23, 2011

New at Melange!

We start off this week with new items at Melange Magique!

Our new tea will be kicking off our Tea of the Week; Rose Buds & Petals. It is a delicious floral herbal blend from Tuscany, Italy. Light and delicious and perfect for those summer nights.

Amber paste is here! Amber, the fossilized sap of prehistoric trees, is generally known for it's golden honey colour, though it also comes in white, red, green, black, violet, and blue. And now here at the store we also have the Blue Amber resin. On top of the original properties; aiding with headaches, heart issues, arthritis, boosting vitality, absorbs pain and negativity by drawing out disease from the body.. the Blue Amber also aids in mental acuity, peace, health, and helps with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

And starting today we now have French books in stock!

Maitenant, nous avons les livres en francais!

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