Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lovely & New!

The new items are just flying off the shelves!

We received new journals this week. Soft leather in light brown with the triple moon embossed on the front and back. A black on with a mysterious black cat. Stunning navy blue with the celtic moon and circle in iridescent silver. And an iridescent fairy. All are hard cover and unlined inside. Perfect for traveling, camping, and if you like a small sized Book of Shadows.

How is a Book of Shadows used? Why are they important for your practice?

They are your personal magical journal. Record the knowledge and correspondences (herb lore, stone lore, animal lore, meanings of days and colors, recipes for oils and other potions). You can also record your spells and rituals. It is a must have for any practitioner.

Also in stock are limited editions of the once famous pin wooden storage boxes for 12 of the 5ml oil bottles. These are handcrafted boxes with a cover to store and protect your oils. Each box is $30.

Within this box you can store the whole collection of oils for astrological signs or maybe the sabbats and moon phase oils. Have a box for core oils that get used for most activities (blessing, frankincense, myrrh, protection, jasmine, lavender... just to name a few).

Come Fall, we hope to see more from this artisan as he will be crafting ouija boards, tarot boxes, altar patens, burins (which have not been available for almost 10 years), and other ritual tools.

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