Monday, July 11, 2011

Good tea, good health, good books!

Today is definitely a good day to drop by!

We start off our week with our new tea of choice: Honey Jasmine White. The light taste of our 2 Dove White tea combined with jasmine and hints of honey make this cool tasting tea great for a hot day.

We also have our Healer in today, Benoit Cote. Benoit is a massotherapist (therapeutic and relaxation). A graduate from the Guijek massotherapy school in the Swedish technique and a member of the federation des massotherapeutes du Quebec. Benoit can also aid in a bit of energy work as he is currently working on his Reiki Level 2.

New stock! New books! New pretties! We have just received a shipment of books (for those of you that have been waiting our Crystal book section has been refilled!), candles, and even a few goodies such as Himalayan Salt candle holders and Healing Drum Kits.

Among crystal books, yoga and meditation books, some other new ones we have are:

Animals as Teachers & Healers by Susan Chernak McElroy
A wonderful and touching read of true life stories on how animals of all sorts have taught, saved, and healed people in all sorts of situations.

If you are interested in getting a feel for what sort of work the author does, check out her blog. It will give you a good idea of just how even helping an animal can help you help yourself. Hopefully some will be inspired!

Seeking Silence by Anthony Strano
Explore and practice the spirituality of silence. This book provides a practical tool for escaping the clashing sounds of everyday life. Through gentle insights and guided meditations, it provides a quiet space for making mindful choices and learning to enjoy the profound benefits of tranquility even in the midst of a world of physical noise.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy by Dennis William Hauck
Dennis Hauck reduces many of the most complex subjects in alchemy to easy-to-understand concepts and definitions. What the author does is give the long-time student and the new seeker the basics to understand alchemy.

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