Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August Workshops & Events

Kaleidoscope Gathering Festival
July 27th through August 1st

Pagan Discussion Night (MPRC) FREE

Pagan Community Etiquette
Public Ritual Etiquette, Public Event Etiquette, Pagan Conference Etiquette, Pagan Festival Etiquette, Pagan Affection Etiquette, Respecting Traditions, Pagan Tools Etiquette
Thursday, August 4th 6:45-8:45pm FREE

International Indigenous People's Day
August 9th
Save 10% on all Shamanism books, sage smudges, and sweetgrass. Show your BAND CARD for a special gift!

Find Your Totem Animal (Catharine)
Animal totems are such powerful tools to work with for personal development. They help us uncover aspects about ourselves previously unconscious, and they can help us to know how better to act in our current circumstances. Some are temporary, some are for life. Come discover what yours are and how they affect your life.
Thursday, August 11th 7-9pm $40

Chakra Intensive Workshop (Catharine)
In this intensive workshop we will describe what each Chakra is about and do meditations to cleanse them, You will gain a good sense of what each one is about, it's corresponding thoughts and emotional states when in balance, as well as the body areas, gems and scents that symbolize them... wear whatever Chakra colour fits you best.
Saturday, August 13th 12-4pm $100

Reiki I (Robyn)
Join us in this intensive course to learn all you need to know to become a First Degree Reiki Practitioner. Topics covered will include: the history and origins of Reiki, the ethics of being a Reiki practitioner, what the hand positions are in a full Reiki session, how to treat others as well as yourself, and formal initiation to the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki. Time will be given for practice as well.
*Please note that this will be the last offering of this class from Robyn while she takes a break for the rest of her pregnancy. Take advantage and sign up now!*
Saturday, August 13th 10am - 5pm $150

International Relaxation Day
August 15th
Save 10% on all Meditation books and teas.
10-11am you may join us for a FREE Tea Meditation to start your week off right!

Tarot: Major Arcana I (Catharine)
From the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune, come learn the Major Arcana.
*Please bring your own deck*
Thursday, August 18th 7-9pm $40

Introduction of Paganism & Pagan Training (Scarlet) FREE
This is a short introduction to what is Paganism. What does it mean to be pagan? What goes on a simple altar? Pagan Holy Days are holidays?! Codes, creeds and beliefs. Now, how do you find a place to learn? Are there schools and where can I find one? Are there covens and where can I find one? What other resources are at my disposal?
Friday, August 19th 7-9pm FREE

Psychic Development Intensive Workshop (Catharine)
This intensive is designed to introduce you to a wide variety of psychic abilities to help you identify your strengths and to do exercises to help you develop others. We will discuss and develop your Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and more with fun and insightful activities.
Saturday, August 20th 12-4pm $100

International Homeless Animals Day
August 20th

$1 (ONE DOLLAR) from every purchase over $10 will go towards the SPCA.
$2 (TWO DOLLARS) from every purchase of an Animal book will go towards the SPCA.

Introduction to Covens (Scarlet) FREE
Welcome to Northern Cougars, BFC, Traditional Euro-Celtic Wicca & Witchcraft. Come learn about covens versus solitaries and what it is like to work in a traditional yet contemporary coven. Ever had any burning questions you wanted to ask about coven work or joining a coven? Wondering how to safely find and join a coven? What kinds of covens are out there and is this for you? Come find out!
Sunday, August 21st 1-3pm FREE

Tarot: Major Arcana II (Catharine)
From the Strength card to the Universe.... now you are set to do readings!
*Please bring your own deck*
Thursday, August 25th 7-9pm $40

CMS Registration & Open House
Crescent Moon School is Montreal's longest running school of magic and paganism, having started in 1995. It's goal is to help you find your path. Come to the Open House to meet some of the teachers and to see what students of all levels have done the past year. Registration is open throughout August and will end September 1st.
Level 1: Wednesdays 6-9pm starting September 7th for 20weeks
$300 (or 3 x $100 every 6 weeks)
Level 2: Wednesdays 6-9pm starting September 7th for 24-27 weeks
$375 (or 3x $125 every 8 weeks)
Level 3: TBD
Level 4: Private

Reiki II (Robyn)
This course is only open to Reiki practitioners who have already received their First Degree of Reiki. Topics covered will include Reiki symbols and their uses, long-distance treatments, mental/emotional healing treatments, mind-to-mind techniques, chakra harmonization, Crystal grids and and formal initiation to the second degree of the Usui Shiki Ryoho style of Reiki using the American Reiki Mastery Association's style of initiations.
*Please note that this will be the last offering of this class from Robyn while she takes a break for the rest of her pregnancy. Take advantage and sign up now!*
Saturday, August 27th 10am - 5pm $250

International Dream Day
August 28th

Save 10% on all Dream books.
Do you have a dream you would like to see manifest? Write it down and add it to our cauldron in the Public Altar space within the shop. At the end of the day, staff will work some magic to help your dreams come true!

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