Thursday, June 09, 2011

At last we have oils back in stock! And along with your old favourites we have two new additions: Juniper Oil and Honey Oil.
Juniper can be used for protection, anti-theft, love, exorcism, and health. Physically, Juniper can be used for stomach issues such as indigestion and inflammation.
Honey is very effective way of natural healing. Great to use on chapped lips or cracked/injured skin is aids the healing process and revitalized the skin. While people use it in tea as a delicious sweetener it is beneficial to the health of your throat, which is why so many recommend it during a cold or strep. Also used for those with respiratory issues and to compliment a prosperity or fertility blend/spell.
*Note: Our oils are not for consumption.

Don't miss our workshops taking place soon:

Totem & Power Animals with Scarlet Today from 7:00PM to 9:00PM $40.00/person
Animals have power. Totems are guides that help us on our path. Power animals lend us their very gifts when we need to call upon them. Find your totemic guide and power animal in this workshop and learn how to tap into their power and wisdom.

Série de 4 ateliers sur les 4 piliers de l'Être avec Sylvie & Suzanne Parti: L'intention. Demain à 19H00 - 21H00
L’évolution va de plus en plus vite, comment demeurer centrée et calme, peu importe ce qui se passe autour de nous. Nous vous proposons une série de 4 ateliers portant sur des thèmes qui permettent de devenir conscients du rôle que jouent nos pensées, nos émotions, nos croyances dans notre processus décisionnel.

It's getting hot and humid out! Do you know how to stay safe in this weather?
- Be sure not to over do it with the physical activity. Work and play at a steady pace and be sure to take breaks when you need to.
- Keep cool. Open the windows, turn off the lights, and draw the curtains. Still too humid? Take a stroll in an air conditioned mall or go to the movies.
- Most importantly, keep hydrated! Be sure to drink plenty of water. Tired of drinking so much water? Try making some of your own iced tea from your favourite tea blend! Not sure how that would taste? Melange will be starting up our iced teas once again very soon so stay posted and drop by to try it out.

Iced Tea:
Steep your tea as normal, though make it twice as strong.
While tea is still hot as sweetener to taste.
Let it cool down a bit before pouring it into a good quantity of crushed iced.
Allow it to sit for a while and - voila! Home made iced tea!

- And if all else fails you can always put your shorts in the freezer for a little bit :)

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