Thursday, June 09, 2011


Art is one of the many ways we can beautify our homes and ritual spaces. Engaging in art (painting, writing, dancing) stimulate our creativity and is good for the soul.

The store is doing BOTH!

April-Anna, a local artist, has provided us with some of her stunning photos and paintings in card form for all to enjoy. Gift them with gift instead of the boring birthday cards you usually find. Something this unique can be treasures for a long time. Frame it and put it on the wall, too!
Scarlet has many such works on her walls at home.

April-Anna has also recently been contracted to paint a mural in our Readers Corner. You can see it from the street in the various stages of development. When you come in for an appointment with one of our clairvoyants, you will be treated to sitting in a space infused with art.

For more about April-Anna's art,
You can find her here:
Or on FaceBook at:

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Anonymous said...

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