Thursday, December 06, 2012

FAQ: How do I do a basic spell?

Basic spell crafting is actually quite easy! All it takes is a little bit of knowledge of basic spell components and some will and visualization.

Here is a simple candle spell outline that can be changed for almost any purpose, with an example for a money spell:

  1. Take a candle of the appropriate color for your purpose and carve the subject (i.e. the name of the person you want to affect or the situation or object) on the candle. I would choose a green candle to represent luck and money and carve onto it "Please bring me enough money to pay my bills every month."
  2. Anoint your candle with an appropriate oil for your purpose, or, choose a scented candle that already has oils in it to suit your purpose. There is some difference of opinion as to which direction you should rub the oil but I usually avoid worrying about this by putting the oil into my hand and then rolling the candle between my palms. Either way it is more important that the candle be completely covered in the oil. For my money spell I could choose to anoint my green candle with "money drawing" oil or maybe use one of the Coventry Creations candles associated with money.
  3. For added help in focusing, add an incense stick. In this case "Money Drawing" incense sticks would work well. 
  4. Light your candle and incense, and focus on your goal, trying to visualize it as clearly as you can. I would visualize myself opening my wallet to pay a bill and having enough to pay and some left over. I would visualize my Visa bill being paid off and my Hydro bill being up to date.
  5. Recite a charm, affirmation, psalm or request to help formulate and ask the universe for help achieving your goal. Blessed Hathor, Goddess of abundance: Please help me to find the means to repay those I owe. Help me to have the funds to live a modest life. Blessed be.
  6. Let the candle burn to the end, and leave the results up to the Universe.
Here are some basic colors and their associations to help you choose a candle that is appropriate for your spell. Also check out the FAQ on the Elements for some more associations.

Red: Passion, love, creativity, Fire, Mars, Root Chakra.
Orange: Communication, mental stability, power, Mercury, Navel Chakra.
Yellow: Also communication and intellect, success, Air, Sun, Solar Plexus Chakra.
Green: Money, luck, prosperity, financial and earthly stability, Earth, Venus, Heart Chakra.
Blue: Peace, calm, healing, emotional balance, justice, Water, Jupiter, Throat Chakra.
Purple: Magic in general, psychic powers, the Moon, Third Eye Chakra (sometimes associated with Indigo).
White: Purity, blessing, Spirit, Crown Chakra (sometimes associated with violet).
Black: Banishing, ridding unwanted energy, cessation, grounding, Earth.

Now that you have a basic template of a spell you can mix and match elements for any spell you choose! Whether it's passing your exam (yellow candle and study oil) or healing your cold (blue candle and healing oil) you have the tools with which to focus your desires and manifest your magic!

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