Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Workshops & Events 2012

Saturday & Sunday December 1 & 2, 10am-6pm both days
Local artisans & FREE workshops
Ritual Sunday December 2nd at 7pm

Meditation in Pregnancy (Katherine Seiler)
For any stage of pregnancy, meditation is important for you and your baby. Come connect with your baby, yourself, and create a stress free environment. Learn the benefits, as well as safe postures, teas, and energies for you both.
*Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring whatever makes you feel comfortable (slippers, pillow, etc)
Fridays (Dec. 7, 14, 21) and Saturdays (Dec. 8, 15, 22) and Sunday (Dec. 30) from 1-2 pm
Cost: $25 per person per session or $40 if you sign up with a friend (saving you each $5)

Reiki Share (Monika Marczuk and Anouk Mackenzie)
Pressed for time? Hectic life has you running in circles? Not a lot of time on your hands, but need time to relax and decompress? Come and take advantage of the art of Reiki healing with 30 min sessions for the incredibly low cost of 10$ per session
Sunday December 9th &16th, 1-3 pm
Cost: 10$ donation

Paper making workshop (Diane)  
Come join me to learn how to make your own paper at home. It's a very good way to recycle old school notes, magazines and different textures of paper you may have on hand.
**Please bring something big, solid and waterproof to press the sheets of paper you will have made in between .
***Please dress in old jeans and t-shirt, clothing to get dirty in will do.
Tuesday, December 11th, 6:30 to 9:30)
Cost: 35$

Mastering the Marseilles (Matt)
The history of Tarot is a long and winding road, filled with legend and obfuscation. What we now know as the modern Tarot has common roots, that seem to date to a period in post renaissance France, in the city of Marseilles, where several decks arose, perhaps as a game, perhaps as a spiritual system. We may never know, but we do know that we can learn its mysteries by study of the symbolism and numerology of the Marseilles deck. In this workshop we will be examining the simple number system that acts as the keys to the Tarot Marseilles which will unlock the mysteries of its symbolism.
Saturday, December 8th, 1-5 pm, $40

The Magikian’s Circle (Matt)
For mastery of the energy body, many traditions have looked at the persona as a multi-faceted set of tools. In this workshop we will be looking at a series of tasks, and developing the magikal tools needed to face them. These tools will be organized and compartmentalized into a fully customizable and personal system of correspondences and anchors that can be easily accessed in the field of the every day. Think of it as a self-programmable magical circle that goes wherever you go, and can be activated at will.
Saturday, December 29th, 1-5pm, $40

Sunday Sabbat Sale
Sunday, December 16th
10% off everything in store all day!

Open Public Winter Solstice Ritual
Friday, Dec 21st, 7-9pm

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