Monday, November 07, 2011

Turning forgotten New Years Resolutions into Remembered Change

The New Year is long gone, and so are good intended New Year’s resolutions. During the turning of the year we become introspective and start mulling over the past year’s events. We see what improvements need to be made and hopefully keep our big promises long enough to see change manifest. We think back on our short comings, should have, would have, could have’s show their ugly faces; when the realization that our big plans for major self-renovations did not all go according to plan we look to the future. Not to worry, we have the birth of yet another year to make more resolutions in hope that this New Year will heed better results.

The cycle continues. We set unrealistically high expectations on ourselves that are unfortunately a set up for disappointments. “I resolve to lose 30 pounds in 6 months!’ “I resolve to exercise daily!” “I resolve to …” Although, these mentioned examples are fantastic in nature, it is unrealistic to stock pile one resolution on top of another with such high expectations and have lasting fruitful outcomes. It is impossible to eat an elephant in its entirety in one sitting, just as it is to conquer all of our phobias, balance our imbalances, exercise daily, renovate the kitchen, volunteer at the local shelter, give up coffee and all sugars in one night! Then if stock piling does not work, and expecting the world from us only leads to disappointment, then what is the answer?

I say baby steps. It would be considered unfair and unrealistic to expect an infant to crawl before they sit upright, so why do we place such high self- expectations on ourselves when it comes to our own self growth? Try a new approach, treat yourself as gently and with as much acceptance as you would an infant. Stay true to yourself, meaning, practice the art of self- love and acceptance. Have compassion and loving kindness for the areas in you that are struggling and imbalanced as much as the strengths and more pleasing attributes of yourself. Love is what love does. Being more mindful, a day at a time, one step at a time, your thoughts and actions will naturally reflect and flow in a healthier, more balanced direction.

In the end, you will keep the best resolution of all, the promise to be true to yourself.

Monika Marczuk, Founder and Owner of Balanced Steps


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