Friday, September 02, 2011

September Workshop & Events

CMS (Crescent Moon School)
Level 1 and 2 courses begin.
Wednesdays, September 7th, 6-9pm

International Literacy Day
To celebrate the International Literacy Day, the store will offer10% off all books throughout the day!
Thursday, September 8th

Tarot Series (Catharine)
Come learn the symbolic and archetypal language of the tarot. You will be introduced to the entire 78 cards and learn how to spread the cards to give a reading.
Please bring your own deck.

Week 1 Major Arcana part one
Week 2 Major Arcana part two
Week 3 Minor Arcana - Swords and Wands
Week 4 Minor Arcana - Cups and Disks
Week 5 Spreads and readings

Thursdays, September 8th to October 6th, 7-9pm
$40 per class or $150 for the series (deal available if paid in full before or on the start date).

Psychic Development Series (Catharine)

This is a complete introduction and training in clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, spirit contact, psychometry and channelling. Each week focuses on one of the abilities under the Psychic umbrella. We all have gifts. This series will show you what yours are and how to develop them further.

Week 1 Introduction to Using Your Intuition
Week 2 Clairvoyance
Week 3 Clairaudience
Week 4 Clairsentience
Week 5 Psychometry
Week 6 Predictive Dreams
Week 7 Spirits - Earthbounds vs Angels and Guides
Week 8 Smudging and Shielding
Week 9 Your Spirit Guides
Week 10 Past Lives
Week 11 Colours and Auras
Week 12 Symbols and Symbolic Messages
Week 13 Giving a Reading

Saturdays, September 10th to December 10th, 12-2pm
13 weeks: $40 per class or $375 for series (deal available if paid in full before or on the start date).

Magical Blend’s 20th Anniversary
We launch our NEW WEBSITE today!
We are postponing the in-store celebration to the weekend of October 1st to coincide with a surprise guest speaker launching his new book about Plant Totems (Christopher Penczak).
Sunday, September 11th

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Chinese)
Come celebrate with us for a tradition Chinese festival evening. Ambient Asian music, traditional foods, Full Moon ritual. All are Welcome!!
Monday, September 12th, 7-9pm

Sunday Sabbat Sale
Sunday, September 18th

World Gratitude Day
Show gratitude to yourself and others. Tell someone why you appreciate them. List 10 things in your own life that you are grateful for.
Join us at as we show our appreciation to a special member of our community!
Wednesday, September 21st, 6-7pm


Higan Service (Japan: Buddhism & Shinto)
Make an offering of flowers at the altar to your ancestors, recite an excerpt from the Diamond Sutra and ring the bell to invite a change for the coming year.
Friday, September 23rd

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
Jews embark upon the serious task of examining their lives and repenting for any wrongs they have committed during the previous year. Take this opportunity to say sorry to anyone or to make amends.
September 28th - 30th

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