Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mabon and Higan service (Sept. 23)

Friday, September 23 - Fall Equinox

Come celebrate the Equinox in 2 different ways with us!

Mabon is a harvest festival coinciding with the equinox. Fruits such as grapes and apples are associated with this time. Valerie, one of the store owners, brings organic grapes from her garden everyday for everyone to enjoy. We have books and other items related to the Equinox and the harvest.

If you are looking for information for a public Sabbat, please call the store.


The Higan service is a Shinto-Buddhist memorial for the ancestors. Practitioners generally travel to an arch built close-by of their home and bring offerings to their ancestors. They can also recite an excerpt from the Diamond Sutra and ring a bell when they are done. Our public altar will be available for this practice. You may bring flowers as offerings, and we will provide the excerpt of the Diamond Sutra and the bell.

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