Thursday, August 09, 2012

Limited Edition Witchcraft: A Beginner's Guide DVDs!

We now have in stock two rare DVDs from "Willow" (Jacqui Winn),  a member of a coven at Glastonbury in England . The pair of DVDs create a "Beginner's Guide" to Witchcraft to give the viewer some basic knowledge and training in the Craft.

Jacqui is a Witch and High Priestess with over 20 years experience. She teaches all aspects of Witchcraft both here in the UK and abroad. She is also involved with One Eyed Witch Productions which specialise in DVDs that teach the basics of all aspects of Witchcraft.

How to Be a Teenage Witch, Teenage Witchcraft: A Beginners Guide

 "Witchcraft is one of the fastest growing spiritual tradition in the Western world today. It has a following of many different types of people, both young and old alike and from all walks of life. This DVD is aimed largely at the many teen agers that are drawn to Witchcraft and sets out the very basics, simplifying an often complex and confusing structure. This DVD is aims to explain many of the most common practices of Witchcraft in simple terms, taking the "glamour" out of it and leaving beginners with a solid starting point. Within this DVD I will explore all that Witchcraft has to offer. Within you will learn how to choose and consecrate your magical tools, how to cast a simple Magical Circle, how to perform a Rite of Dedication and much more. I hope that one thing the student takes from this DVD is that it is your intent that drives your magic and that the simpler you keep something the better it is. Most of all have fun on your Path and remember that the Gods love laughter!"

Witchcraft: A Beginner's Guide: Full Moon Magic

 "This DVD is the second in a series of DVDs that aims to teach the fundamentals of Witchcraft, one of the fastest growing spiritualities in the West today... This second film aims to take the student further along their Spiritual Path by looking at working the energy of The Full Moon. This particular Moon phase is a traditional time for Witches to meet and work their rites. and this film explores explores how this ritual can be performed and why. The film shows both a group at work , and a solitary male practitioner performing a ritual that allows a man to partake of the feminine energy of this powerful moon phase. Both rituals are designed in an easy fashion that will allow the viewer to adapt them as will suit them.

The film also looks at the raising of magical energy, both from within ourselves and from the space around us, with which we can empower our rituals and magical work. We also touch on skills of healing and divination, both traditional skills to work the Full Moon.

Most importantly this film shows us how we can work magically  both simply and effectively. Through this film, we aim to simplify many of the complex ideas within witchcraft and make it accessible to all who are drawn to its teachings and ideas. The most important thing to remember is to walk your Path with joy and love, and to take an element of fun with you on your own personal magical journey."

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