Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 August Workshops & Events

July 29th 10% off ALL DAY

Shinto Day of repentance and purification.
Meditatively walk through a ring of woven grasses for self-purification.
One will be woven by our staff and erected in our public altar space for you.
Many bright blessings upon you at the half-way point in the Asian year.


We will not be vending directly at KG, but supplies pertinent to workshops and activities hosted by staff will be available from store staff, or by special request. Come find us! Scarlet, Ryan, Erika and friends

Staff will be hosting three activities at the festival:

The Need Fire History: Discover the connections through land and time of the concept of a sacred flame or need fire. Where does the idea come from? Why do we use this tool in our rites? How to create a sacred need fire for your home.

Fire Scrying: Learn how to create a safe fire within your cauldron for the purpose of magic, ritual, and scrying. Engage in a fire scrying experience!

Rite of Passage for Girls: This is a non-denomination ceremony for girls aged 12 through 18 who have had their first mensus. They must be sponsored by a parent/guardian to attend with that parent present for the ceremony. This is both ritual and learning experience for girls and parents alike. This is an overnight experience where the girls will encounter the divine and themselves through ritual. $25 pre-registration required by July 26th (PayPal payments to

REIKI 1 (Co-taught: Robyn & Monika)
Come and experience the healing nature of Reiki while learning all you need to know to become a First Degree Reiki Practitioner. In this intensive course you will learn the history and origins of Reiki, the ethics of being a Reiki practitioner, what hand positions are used during a full Reiki session, and how to self-treat. You will be formally attuned/ initiated to the Usui Shiki Ryoho style using the American Reiki Mastery Association’s style of initiations. There will be plenty of time given for practice.
Saturday & Sunday, August 18 & 19, 10am -3pm $150
** This workshop is held off-site, in Verdun ( **

CMS Registration & Open House
Friday August 31st at 7pm
Crescent Moon School is Montreal's longest running school of magic and paganism, having started in 1995. Its goal is to help you find your path. Come to the Open House to meet some of the teachers and students and to see what students of all levels have done the past year. Registration is open throughout August and will end September 1st.

Level 1: Saturdays 1-4pm starting September 8th for 20weeks
$300 (or 3 x $100 every 6 weeks) reading pack & workbooks included
Level 2: Wednesdays 6-9pm starting September 5th for 24-27 weeks
$375 (or 3x $125 every 8 weeks) supplies not included
Level 3: Thursday 6-9pm starting September 6th for 24-27 weeks
$375 (or 3x $125 every 8 weeks) supplies not included
Level 4: Fridays 6-9pm starting September 7th for 24-27 weeks
$400 supplies not included

Friday August 31st
Surprise special and gifts TO BE ANNOUNCED

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