Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suffering from chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia? Feeling the aftermath of an accident, a surgery or a non-physical trauma? Enjoying pregnancy but not the heavy legs coming with that state? All these situations, and more, are indications for osteopathic treatment.

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that focuses on the musculo-skeletal, the visceral and the nervous systems. It tries to eliminate the cause of a person's physical problems, and looks at the person in a holistic way. It opens up healing on deeper level: emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual.

Valerie offers osteopathic treatments at the store on Thursdays, generally from 1-5pm. Special arrangements can be made if you call in advance and mention that you wish to speak with Valerie prior to booking an appointment. Otherwise, please call the store and give your preferred time slot to the staff.

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